In 1935 Harold and Elmer Pond founded the "POND TRACTOR COMPANY", who built Speedex tractors. They developed the Model B which is the first four wheel riding garden tractor in America. It had tiller steering, steel wheels, Briggs & Stratton Model ZZ air coooled engine, a Ford model A transmission, and Ford model T rear axle. By 1940 it was sold with rubber tires and by 1941 it was sold with a 6HP Briggs engine. During this time they also developed the Model A and C walk-behind Tractors. Before 1948 the Model FG was developed using a Ford Model A 4-cylinder engine.

In approximately 1946 the brothers split. Elmer Pond moved to Indiana and founded the "POND WHEELHORSE COMPANY". Harold Pond then changed his company name to the "SPEEDEX TRACTOR COMPANY".

Around 1948, Henry Ford became a tractor competitor and stopped selling components to Speedex CO. Harold Pond developed the "first four wheel riding mower" in America which attached to the front axle. They also boosted production to 1000 units a year. In 1969, General Combustion, who merged with Mechtron International, boosted production to 1500 units a year and developed the "first full floating mower deck" and later developed the Model 832 which was the "first diesel powered garden tractor" in America. In 1997, Speedex was acquired by Trans Tech International.


The Pond Tractor Company was founded in 1935, first making walk behind tractors. But it wasn't until a year later, in 1936 that the first Model B rolled off the assembly line. Making it the first four wheel riding garden tractor in "America". The "first version of the Model B", sold with a Briggs & Stratton 5 H.P. ZZ air cooled engine, 3 forward and reverse transmission,
using a Ford Model A trans and a model T rear axle, with steel wheels. Was only made until 1938.

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1940 Model B Catalog

Also including the Model A & Model C

In 1939 the Model B was introduced with all around rubber tires.At this point the engine specks were the same.

In 1940 the Model B still had a Briggs 5 H.P. engine, but now it was
a " ZH " motor.

In 1941 the Model B was given a Briggs 6 H.P. ZZ engine, the transmission
stayed the same as well as all other features until production of this
model stopped in 1948.

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The Model FG,"FARM AND GARDEN TRACTOR".This tractor was built and designed under the SPEEDEX TRACTOR CO. not under the former POND
TRACTOR CO. It had a Ford 4 Cylinder Engine.From my information
this model had the shortest production life of any speedex tractor.
Somewhere between 1946 and 1948 when Ford became a competitor and stopped selling it's components.

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M-16, M23 & M-25

I like to refer to this series, as the MASTER PIECE of the Speedex
Tractor Company. Because now that Ford stopped selling its differentials and transmissions to Speedex, Harold Pond was forced
to design and manufacture his own. They were sold in 1949 and well
into the mid 1950's. The popular M-23 utilized a Briggs 8 H.P. engine.

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S-Series Tractor Blue Print

SPEEDEX S-SERIES,S-14,S-17,S-18,S-19,S-23,S-24,S-32

The S-14 and S-23 are the only tractors in this line to have a latch on the hood.

I don't know the exact year this series began,I believe 1959. But I do know that
even up till 1963 only the S-14 and S-23 were being manufactured.

The S-14 was first developed with a 5 3/4 H.P.Briggs and later a 6 H.P Only Briggs used.
The S-23 used a 9 H.P.Only Briggs engines used.

All of these S-Series tractors used the engine slide method to engage
the belt except the S-32, which was first built
in 1972.

Production of S-14, S-18, and S-23 stopped before the stationary engine system was developed in the late 1960's.

The S-17,S-19,S-24 were redesigned using the stationary engine system
The S-32 was developed using the new system.

After the introduction of the stationary engine, two tractors were then offered with an optional hand break or (Variable Drive), the S-17 and the S-24 Around 1970

The S14,S-17,S-23 and S-24 were all made with a two speed trans.

It was sometime between 1964 and 1966 that the S-17,S-18, & S-24 were
first developed. The "S-17" used a 7 & 8 H.P. Briggs or Kohler engine.
The "S-24" used a 10 & 14 H.P.Briggs or Kohler engine
In my 1966 manual the S-23 isn't mentioned.

The "S-18" was the first to have a 4 speed transmission,and only used a Kohler 8 H.P. engine.

It wasn't until 1966 and after that the "S-19" was developed.(engine slide method used)with a 5 speed transmission.8 H.P. Briggs/Kohler both used.

By 1970 only the S-17,S-19 and S-24 were in production. Shortly after,
the S-24 was given a 2 forward and reverse transmission. Going into the early 1970's these three were given some changes,the rounded hood
was changed to a more corrugated look, a dash panel was added and the
rear fenders were squared off.Production stopped very early in the 1970's.

The engine slide method was reintroduced with the Model 820 which replaced the S-17

1972 Line of Speedex Tractors "S-32"

First Diesel Tractor in America

Model 832 Speedex Tractor Co. announced the introduction of their Diesel-
Powered lawn and garden tractor. It is powered by an 8 H.P. water-
cooled single-cylinder, 4-cycle diesel engine. The tractor operates at
speeds ranging from less than one mile per hour to a maximum 7.3 miles
per hour at 24 rpm. The tractor was available with hydraulic Category
0 3-point hitch,hydraulic steer assist brakes, front head lights and a
hi-back cushion seat. It would handle a 44" belly mower and handle an
assortment of agricultural implements.

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